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"But I have infinite tenderness for you. I always will. All my life long.” - Blue is the warmest color (2013)

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"Just in case you ever foolishly forget; I’m never not thinking of you."
— Virginia Woolf  (via chandr-a)


I am so in love with my new beautiful copies of Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Emma!

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i hate when guys say shit like “why would you cut your hair? guys don’t like girls with short hair” that’s like watching someone else make a sandwich for their self and saying “why are you putting tomatoes in it? i don’t like tomatoes”

This is fucking amazing.

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Get to know me meme: [5/5] female characters → Pam Beesly

It would just make my heart soar if someone out there saw this, and she said to herself, be strong, trust yourself, love yourself, conquer your fears, just go after what you want. And act fast, because life just isn’t that long.